For my Friends 2

DJH question time – Questions and answers from 8/2/2018
DJH is the firm that will organise and carry out all the work.

  1. I don’t quite understand what’s delaying the work to be carried out.
    Please explain; as I am getting rather stressed, I am too old for this lark.

    1. We know that the ceilings are asbestos
    2. You said that SCI  (the asbestos people) can start on short notice
    3. Emptying the tanks and removing the walls – doesn’t take too long
    4. So, what is holding up the starting upstairs?
    5. I agreed to no work in December; but no work in February and March??? Is not really on – limbo, limbo, stress for you customer.
  2. Also, I can’t just up & go, on a days’ notice; I am too old for that, I need some time to organise myself and my cat.
  3. I need an itemised schedule of work and be keept in the loop

    1. Start date. A: 19/3/2018
    2.                     A: ~20/4/2018
  4. What happens to the kitchen tiles broken by your workman when removing the kitchen cupboards (ps. His fixing of said was super-glue)?
    Specialist at end

Next phase –  taking down the ceilings

  1. My bedroom needs to be emptied into my office!
    19/3/18 will be moved into office
  2. What about all the stuff in the loft?
    19/3/18 will be moved to floored area in loft
  3. What about all the books on the landing?
    19/3/18 will be moved into office
  4. Can David use the living room while the work is in progress?
  5. Remember: there is NOT only the main water tank in the loft but also the heating/hot water overflow tank (which is hidden under glass wool and is standing on the 1st floor ceiling. … … Noted

Next phase – Taking down walls & replace the floors in question

NOTE: The drain pipe running between the two bathrooms is ONLY supported by a bit of flooring kept in place by the weight of the walls.             Noted
In red = in the loft … in Yellow = walls to replace (dotted yellow = depending on point 5).

  1. How much of which walls are DJH going to remove?
  2. Would it be possible to save the tiles from the bath rooms?
    They will try!
  3. Would it be possible to relocate the loft-hatch into the bedroom? Please.
  4. And maybe also shift the main water tank closer to the centre main joist
  5. Are both bathrooms being dismantled?
    Depends on findings

Next phase – Fitting ceilings and Re-decorating

  1. Will DJH dismantle/move the Oven unit – to put new ceilings up in the kitchen?

    1. If so could DJH please also close the holes in the wall behind the oven-unit.?
  2. In the Kitchen, can DJH please fill in the hole by the front door and skim it. Yes
  3. Don’t re-fit the louver doors in my bedroom, I have some sliding doors to fit later.
  4. Can DJH please fit the new hand basins and cupboard in both bathrooms?
            **  Put the doors and sink units and the wardrobe doors in situ.

Email of choices to happen neare the time.

  1. What’s the colour of the laminated flooring?
  2. What’s the colour of the Lino – I would like the grey that is in the guest bath room
  3. The colour scheme of the upstairs walls is ‘Apple White matt’
  4. The colour scheme in the kitchen is: ‘Nutmeg White matt’